Hemlock site might have suitor

Clarksville officials are conducting talks with an unidentified prospective suitor for the unused Hemlock Semiconductor site, The Leaf-Chronicle reports.

According to the paper, the Montgomery County Budget Committee on Wednesday forwarded a resolution to the County Commission. If approved, the resolution would authorize a "site location and development agreement” involving the state of Tennessee, the Industrial Development Board of Montgomery County, Montgomery County and the city of Clarksville.

Hemlock nixed continued work on the site in December 2014. Had the full development been finalized, it would have carried an approximately $1.2 billion investment.

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Oct 22, 2015 1:29 PM

Dow Chemical reveals big tab for closing in Clarksville

It wasn't a huge surprise a month ago when the leaders of Hemlock Semiconductor said they plan to shut for good the doors of their Clarksville polysilicon plant. On Thursday morning, parent company Dow Chemical said how much that decision will cost it. The Michigan-based industrial giant will take a $500 million hit pre-tax, which comes out to $465 million after taxes.

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Jan 29, 2015 11:30 AM

Hemlock closing Clarksville doors for good

Executives with Hemlock Semiconductor have decided to permanently close their massive Clarksville factory complex without it ever producing a finished batch of polycrystalline silicon, the rock-like material used in solar panels and semiconductor chips. Hemlock announced six years ago that it would invest more than $1 billion in Clarksville, but a global supply glut and the threat of Chinese tariffs led the company to lay off its 300 local workers in the spring of 2013.

Jimmy Settle has the story for The Leaf-Chronicle.

Now, the company will have to work with local government to determine what parts of the massive facility they built here just within the past few years can perhaps be re-purposed for other business uses.

Dec 17, 2014 12:28 PM

Hemlock on the hook for property debt

If Hemlock Semiconductor doesn't crank up operations at its massive Clarksville plant by year's end, it will have to cover the principal payments on the $20 million loan Montgomery County officials took out to buy the land under the facility. Mark Hicks at the Leaf-Chronicle has the details.

The terms are part of a performance-based agreement between HSC and the EDC, in which Hemlock committed to a $1 billion investment, which Chavez noted to company exceeded by $1 billion, and 500 jobs, “but they’re short on jobs by about 400,” he said.

Apr 9, 2013 9:54 AM

Hemlock jobs aren't coming back

Hemlock Semiconductor has confirmed that the 300 people whose jobs were furloughed early this year at the company's brand new Clarksville plant are being given severance packages and job placement services. Jimmy Settle with the Leaf-Chronicle has the details.

Mar 6, 2013 7:14 AM

Production glut, China issues lead to big layoffs at Hemlock

The bright promise of early 2009 dimmed considerably Monday at Hemlock Semiconductor, which said it was laying off 300 people in Clarksville and another 100 in Michigan in the face of oversupply in the polysilicon industry and the threat of Chinese tariffs against its products. Hemlock's $1 billion-plus plant in Montgomery County had been scheduled to begin production of materials for use in solar panels later this year but may never get cranking if the solar energy industry's finances don't improve in a big way.

Clarksville-area officials put on a brave face Monday, saying other industrial projects will still bring jobs to the area. Meanwhile, WPLN's Blake Farmer points out that the incentive millions paid by the state to Hemlock aren't coming back.

Jan 14, 2013 9:43 PM

Hemlock in talks for big Clarksville expansion

Hemlock Semiconductor's $1.2 billion Clarksville plant is still more than a year from opening, but the company has entered into talks with state officials about growing the site with an investment that would more than triple its polycrystalline silicon operation. The AP's Erik Schelzig has the story.

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May 17, 2011 8:40 AM

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