The Civil Wars on co-opting piracy

E.D. Kain blog on about the rise of singer-songwriter duo The Civil Wars and how the band's grassroots approach to building an audience — "We don’t want to be ivory towers," says Joy Williams — via social media could become the template for a new era in the music business.

“And one thing is true,” Williams adds, “you can pirate music, but you can’t ever pirate the actual experience of going to a show and seeing someone perform live. We try to keep that in perspective, and it motivates us to make each night on stage count.”

Feb 10, 2012 11:06 AM

Say Waz?

Comcast will join RIAA's antipiracy campaign:
Joe Waz, a senior vice president at Comcast, the nation's second largest ISP, told a gathering of music industry executives that the company has issued 2 million notices on behalf of copyright owners, according to multiple people who were in attendance. Waz made the comments Tuesday while part of a panel at the Leadership Music Digital Summit in Nashville. This was the same event where an AT&T executive told the gathering that the nation's largest ISP was cooperating with the Recording Industry Association of America by sending notices to customers accused of illegal filing sharing. The letters are part of a trial program, the executive told the audience.
Mar 25, 2009 12:44 PM