Permit Patrol: 28 July 2014

Work at Belmont, Amazon, the amphitheater, and more...

Pie (and pi) in the sky at Belmont

R.C. Mathews has the $21.2 million contract to build a new dining hall and academic building atop a parking garage at Belmont University. The job comes in at 113,772 square feet.

A belt and a building for Amazon

T.W. Frierson will perform the necessary renovations for the Amazon fuilfillment center on Airways Drive in a $750,000 job. The facility will also get a new conveyor system costing $2.5 million. Diversified Conveyor is the contractor.

A gym for Hume-Fogg

D.F. Chase will lay the foundation for a 17,000-square-foot gym at Hume-Fogg (pictured below). The permit comes in at $299,000.

Amphitheater work moves forward

The new downtown amphitheater is under construction. Skanska has the $3.5 million contract.

New assisted living in Hermitage

TNG Constractors will build the two-story, 70,000-square-foot assisted living faciliy called The Waterford at 3778 Central Pike. It's a $7.9 million job.


(Hume-Fogg gym)


(Belmont University dining hall and academic building)