Permit Patrol: 21 July 2014

NES' big build, Hillsboro Village apartment project continues, and more...

NES on Myatt Drive

PBG Builders has the contract to build a 56,300-square-foot operations building for NES on Myatt Drive. That's a $4.8 million job. Also from PBG: a $1.9 million training facility, a $310,000 parking shed, a $23,000 guard shack and a $176,000 fueling station.

1810 Belcourt in the air

When foundation work underway, Southland Constructors will prep build a four-floor apartment building (with two-level parking garage) at 1810 Belcourt Ave. It's a $6.9 million contract for Nashville-based developer Stonehenge (read more here).

Balconies at Cummins Station

Modern Construction will build three balconies at Cummins Station. Along with other exterior improvements, the project totals $150,000.