Genesis drops lawsuit against Village

Latest Diamond Wars skirmish won't go to court after all

Genesis Diamonds has dropped its lawsuit against competitor Village Jewelers just days before the case's first scheduled court hearings.

Genesis on Wednesday filed a notice of nonsuit for its claims of defamation, violation of various consumer protection laws and intentional interference in business relationships in Davidson County Chancery Court. A hearing on a motion for an injunction requested by Genesis had been scheduled for Monday. A motion to dismiss filed by Village's attorney Brian Manookian — who penned the scathing rebuttal to Genesis' claims — was set for hearing a week from Friday.

"Genesis Diamonds' self-dismissal confirms what we already knew: that this was a garbage lawsuit with zero legal merit designed to silence those who speak out about Genesis' business practices. I hope the swift dismissal of this frivolous suit encourages others who may otherwise have been intimidated into silence about Genesis Diamonds' conduct," Manookian told the Post Wednesday.

Perhaps tellingly in the ever-contentious Nashville Diamond Wars, even the notice of nonsuit was not without controversy. In its motion, Genesis said its request for dismissal was "based upon representations of counsel for Defendant concerning Defendant's intent to refrain from making defamatory statements about Plaintiffs." Manookian immediately filed a motion to strike that language as inaccurate.