Swiftwick enters medical device market

Brentwood manufacturer developing compression socks to treat poor blood circulation

Sock manufacturing company Swiftwick is entering the medical device market and developing compression socks for individuals with circulation problems in the lower limbs.

Best known for its athletic performance socks, Brentwood-based Swiftwick is leveraging relationships with Nashville's wealth of health care organizations to develop the medical products, according to a release. Compression therapy is a key part of treating circulation problems that are common in certain diseases and post-surgery, and treatment can help prevent further complications.

"Nashville is a hot bed of innovation in health care, and since we live and work in the health care capital of the world, Swiftwick can make a contribution," said Mark Cleveland, Swiftwick's co-founder and CEO. "Our move into the medical marketplace is a natural progression [...] It is important for us to make Medical Class II compression products that doctors can be confident in recommending to their patients."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies medical devices into three classes based on the intended use of the device and the risk posed to the patient. Swiftwick also manufactures amputee liner socks and has distribution programs with four companies focused on orthotic and prosthetic medical products.