Developer seeks height variance for planned Germantown project

Alliance wants to top 275-unit residential building at 85 feet

Phoenix-based developer Alliance Residential Co. will request from Metro a height variance for its five-story 275-unit apartment building planned for Germantown.

Specifically, Alliance will ask the Metro Planning Commission to amend the Stadium Lofts Specific Plan to allow a maximum height of 85 feet, instead of the 75 feet that was previously approved.  The commission will vote on the matter Thursday, July 24.

Alliance wants to develop within the block bordered by Second and Third avenues on the east and west, respectively, and Madison and Jefferson streets on the north and south respectively. The building, to sit on 2.6 acres and to be called Broadstone Germantown, will represent Alliance’s first project in Nashville.   

“We would like to add a sky deck to our project, which would exceed the maximum height of 75 feet as allowed under the existing zoning,” said Bob Weston (pictured), Alliance managing director.

“Therefore, we are going back through the process to [ask that Metro] amend the language to allow us the height we are looking for,” he added. “The sky deck would be added on top of the parking deck, and it would be designed to provide our residents with additional amenity space that would have great views of the Nashville skyline.”

Alliance has listed Texas-based Meeks + Partners to handle architecture (a rendering has not yet been released) and is hoping to break ground, pending Metro approvals, in early October. Nashville-based Barge Cauthen & Associates is handling engineering efforts.

“We’re working with the city and architect on how this will get permitted, recognizing that the timing doesn’t quite line up right from an approval perspective,” Weston said. “We’ve been very pleased at how cooperative the city and Metro Council have been throughout this process.”

Of note, Alliance previously wanted to undertake residential development 235-unit Broadstone at Centennial on Charlotte Avenue near the 28th/31st Avenue Connector but would later scrap the plan in 2011.