Genesis sues Village Jewelers in latest round of Diamond Wars

Chancery filing claims Village employees made anti-Semitic remarks, seeks damages

For years, Nashville's Diamond Wars have been confined to the radio airwaves. Now, one jeweler is taking another to court.

Genesis Diamonds has filed suit in Davidson County Chancery Court against Village Jewelers, alleging defamation, violation of various consumer protection laws and intentional interference in business relationships.

In the suit filed Monday, Genesis alleges Village owner George Khoury — a former Genesis employee — has made disparaging remarks for "several years" about Genesis owner Boaz Ramon.

Earlier this summer, Genesis hired two people to portray themselves as potential Village customers, employing what is apparently a time-honored tactic in the jewelery business.

The suit claims recordings were made of Village employees that will be submitted to the court as evidence in a motion for a preliminary injunction. In those recordings, according to the filing, Joey Nunley, a Village employee, uses "numerous, shocking examples of anti-Semitic speech and derogatory remarks made about Boaz Ramon's religion and ethnicity." Further, the Village employee told one of the secret shoppers Ramon "rips people off" and uses certifications that are "a piece of fraud."

The suit also claims that Nunley implied that Genesis is affiliated with cartels and "the Jewish mafia." Nunley also allegedly said that other customers had said to him "I understand why Hitler would do that," a reference to the Holocaust. He then later compared Genesis' certification to the Nazi program of "vaccinating little boys" for the purpose of "making them infertile as adults."

The suit — read it here — also claims that Nunley told the secret shoppers that Village might join with other stores in a coalition to "work together and stop" Genesis.

Khoury referred the Post to comments he gave to WSMV Tuesday night, in which he called Genesis' actions part of "vendetta" and says his store did nothing wrong.

Genesis claims defamation, violations of the Lanham Act, which prohibits false advertising; violations of the state consumer protection law and intentional interference with business relationship. The jeweler seeks an injunction against Village from making false statements, as well as treble damages.

Genesis is represented by William O'Bryan Jr. and Valerie Diden Moore of Butler Snow.