Permit Patrol: 16 June 2014

New construction at Nashville State, office work at Loews, why Pepsi might taste better, and more...

Studio at LP Field

PBG Builders will rehab 2,150 square feet in the club level at LP Field for a production studio. It's a $216,000 job.

Building up at Nashville State

Messer has the $6.6 million permit for a new academic and support building at Nashville State Community College.

Reno at Loews

Wieck will perform renovations to the 10th floor of the Loews office building located at 2100 West End Ave. on a $610,000 contract.

Taste of a new generation

The facility that processes water for the Pepsi bottling plant on Thompson Lane will get a rehab with new reverse-osmosis technology. It's a $1 million job performed by Cha Tech.

Tencarva gets pumped up

Industrial pump purveyor Tencarva/Southern Sales is slated for a new office and warehouse on Kraft Drive after $2.5 million in construction from Crain.

Ah, educational construction season

Orion will build a 16,447-square-foot addition at Granberry Elementary representing a $2.5 million job.