Bridgestone, IBM megasuit set for 2016 court date

Fraud case will be heard two-and-a-half years after it was filed

Now we're getting somewhere.

Sort of.

After more than 70 motions and orders, a federal magistrate set a date for the huge fraud claim made by Bridgestone against technology giant IBM in a case filed in October.

The case management order, issued May 20, says proceedings before U.S. District Judge Kevin Sharp will begin July 12, 2016. All this came after months in which attorneys for both sides hammered out the search terms necessary to complete discovery, a process tediously detailed in a run of back-and-forth motions finally finalized in April.

Officially, discovery began in January and will conclude June 10 of next year, to be followed by a period for deposition of experts, which is scheduled to in December 2015. Finally, motions for summary judgement will be taken in early 2016, before the expected five-week trial in the summer of 2016.

With such a long tail, it might be supposed that the tire manufacturer and the tech giant are working towards a settlement. Don't hold your breath, as the case management order notes, rather sardonically, "The parties engaged in a private mediation during much of 2013, which was not successful. The parties do not believe that further alternative-dispute-resolution efforts are appropriate at this time."

Read the case management order in full here.