Developer eyes cottage homes for Buena Vista

North Nashville project would be Omega's first within urban core

Nashville-based Omega Realty Services is hoping to develop 15 residences in North Nashville’s Buena Vista and will go before the Metro Planning Commission to request a downzoning that would allow for the cottage-style project.

Currently, the site — which sits on what is essentially the northwest corner of Ninth Avenue North and Cheatham Place — is approved for up to a 38-unit multi-family building. Of note, Omega would not need to demolish any structures to build the homes.

Robert Pullen, Omega founder, said he wants to model the homes after the many cottage-style residences that have been built in Germantown, Salementown and, to a lesser extent, Buena Vista during the past few years. Pullen’s project would include a courtyard that would provide green space for all the residences.

“The urban core is exciting right now,” Pullen said. “It’s the right time for Buena Vista.”

If the planning commission approves the specific plan (which would allow the downzoning), Omega will need only a simple majority vote from the Metro Council to move forward. If the commission rejects the SP request, a two-thirds council vote will be needed. The council will vote on first reading on the project on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Omega, which is not disclosing an estimated cost to undertake the project, has enlisted Dale & Associates for site planning and DA|AD for architectural work. Both companies are Nashville based.

“This is a positive modification to the existing SP because it matches more closely to newer construction in the area, specifically the eastern side of Ninth Avenue North,” said Michael Garrigan, Dale & Associates principal engineer.

“The cottages will be carefully arranged to screen all parking and to create an interior courtyard and other green spaces,” Garrigan added. “We have worked with Mark Wright (Historic Buena Vista Community Association president) to ensure that this is a positive addition to Buena Vista.
If the project materializes, it will be Omega’s first residential development within Nashville’s urban core. Omega has not released images of the homes but Garrigan said they are expected to be similiar in style and scale to the houses, also located on Ninth Avenue North, pictured below (courtesy of Google Maps).