PharmMD, competitor settle suit over former employee’s move

Local company had filed to block disclosure of confidential info

A Brentwood medication therapy management company and a Philadelphia-based pharmacy benefit manager settled a two-year lawsuit last month, officially dismissing the claims in U.S. District Court in Nashville Monday.

Locally based PharmMD, which was founded in 2006, filed suit in Davidson County Chancery Court in early 2011 against former employee Denise Kehoe after she left the company and began working for PerformRX. According to the complaint, Kehoe violated nondisclosure, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and used proprietary information to benefit PerformRX.

The suit was moved to federal court and PharmMD filed for a restraining order against Kehoe and PerformRX to keep them from retaining or disclosing any of PharmMD's confidential information — and specifically to keep Kehoe from attending a conference where she was expected to speak on medication therapy management.

The parties indicated that they were discussing settlement agreements in July 2011, and in July 2012 dismissed Kehoe as a defendant.

The companies entered into a settlement agreement last month and the case was officially dismissed Monday. The settlement agreement is not available through court records. Charles Gary, attorney for PharmMD, declined to comment on the terms of the agreement, and messages for William Campbell Jr., an attorney for PerformRX, were not returned.