Sommet principals reach plea agreements

Former CEO of imploded HR services provider not included

Two key figures in the demise of the former Sommet Group have reached plea agreements with the federal government stemming from their fraud indictments.

Marsha Whitfield and Edwin Todd filed a motion on Friday to set a plea agreement hearing in the coming weeks. Details of the agreements were not available through court records.

The agreements appear to leave Brian Whitfield, the former CEO of HR services provider Sommet, on his own. He was the third defendant in the 15-count indictment that was filed in March 2012.

He is currently living in Arizona, where he got in trouble late last year with federal pretrial services officers after he took on a new name and switched addresses without approval. Whitfield had to return to Nashville in March after the feds asked for his bond to be revoked.

The indictment against Sommet alleges conspiracy, wire fraud, filing a false tax return, money laundering and theft from an ERISA plan. It calls for the return of some $20 million worth of property.