Fontanel owners planning rural resort

Planning Commission OK with exception to conservation zoning

The Metro Planning Commission will later this week consider a proposal to build a “rural resort” on the Fontanel Mansion property.

The resort, which would feature lodges and up to 140 rooms in 10 buildings, would run afoul of the property's current zoning within a Natural Conservation district. But the planning department staff recommends approving an exception.

“The character and development pattern of the business that exists on the site provides a better opportunity for site preservation than the suburban residential zoning that is found in the surrounding Whites Creek Community,” the staff recommendation reads.

The rural resort’s proposed buildings will be stepped into the hillside. The site will be located to the west of the Fontanel Mansion near the back of the property. EDGE Planning is handling the landscape architecture.

Click here to view Planning’s analysis of the Fontanel plans.