Petra Coach adds duo

Local U.S. Lawns franchisee, Texas entrepreneur will begin leading sessions this fall

Andy Bailey’s Petra Coach has added two coaches to its team, one of them a successful local lawn care franchisee.

Gene Robertson and Rob Simons will shadow Bailey in the coming months and begin to lead entrepreneur coaching sessions this fall. Combined, the duo has 38 years of entrepreneurial experience. Robertson, left in our photo, owns three U.S. Lawns franchises in Middle Tennessee and is a member of EO Nashville.

Simons is president and CEO of Toolbox Studios, a branding and marketing firm in San Antonio he launched 18 years ago after selling an interactive design firm. Simons also is involved with EO and is its current global chapter development committee chair.

“Petra Coach has doubled its client base in the past year. For the past six months, I’ve been searching for new coaches to help manage our growth and continue our forward momentum,” said Bailey. “Gene and Rob are both charismatic leaders who have built successful businesses that they know how to work on not just in; meaning they manage and systemize their processes so they’re free to strategize about their businesses rather than day-to-day tasks.”

Bailey launched Petra in 2011 after building and selling NationLink Wireless. The firm uses a goal-setting and execution process to lead business leadership teams through quarterly and annual planning facilitations.