So innovative it’s almost boring

Local author says change has to be planned out

In his recently published Be the Best at What Matters Most, local performance coach, author and speaker Joe Calloway says it makes little sense to scurry about without some clear guidance as to what the ultimate outcome should be. A leader’s goal is to focus the team on a short list of priorities, he says.

As examples of that concept, Calloway cites a number of companies known for their ability to build powerful brands around simple ideas. Apple, he says, has over the years figured out that consumers will flock to products that are easy to use. Focusing on that concept, he adds, makes Apple “one of the best examples of a company that is so good at the basics that it is cutting edge.”

“To actually win, and keep winning on the basics, you have to innovate like crazy,” Calloway writes. “But you must innovate and improve where you’ll realize the greatest return on your efforts. Get better at the things that create greatest value for the customer. You should constantly innovate and improve on those three or four things that matter the most.”