Hackers breach Mapco cybersecurity system

Safeguards added after malware disabled

The cybersecurity system utilized by a Brentwood-based convenience store operator has been breached.

Mapco Express officials issued a statement Monday announcing the breach and said that customer credit and debit card information “may have been compromised.”

Officials are notifying affected customers, specifically those who used their debit or credit cards at the chain's locations from March 19-25, April 14-15 and April 20-21.

MAPCO said it has retained at least one forensic investigation firm to help determine how the hackers found their way into the company's technology infrastructure. And, according to the statement, the company is helping law enforcement officials, a group that includes the FBI's Joint Cyber Crime Task Force.

“Our first concern is our customers,” said Tony Miller, Mapco's vice president of operations. “We regret any inconvenience this criminal act by hackers may have caused and are enhancing our information security efforts to combat future information security threats.”

Miller said Mapco, which is owned by Delek US Holdings (Ticker: DK), collaborated with forensic security firms to disable the malware used.

“Safeguards have been designed to prevent this from happening in the future,” Miller said.

Customers are also encouraged to monitor closely their banking transactions and to keep abreast of their most recent credit-reporting agency reports. Customers can visit www.mapcoexpress.com/security-alert-notification for more information.