Lipscomb launches film master’s

Four production companies commit to giving students one-year internships

Lipscomb University executives said Tuesday they will this fall launch a master’s program in film and creative media and have partnered with four production companies to add a large experiential element to the 17-month program.

The school’s new 36-hour curriculum focuses on creating digital content of all types and covers work on development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

“There aren’t a lot of Christian schools asking the question, ‘What should our presence be in the digital entertainment realm?’” said Mike Fernandez, chair of the Lipscomb University Department of Theatre and acting director of the new program. “Nashville is home to many filmmakers who have done some great work in the field, positioning the city on the cusp of becoming a key player in the digital and film industries. One of the keys to helping the industry is to have an excellent graduate program.”

Fernandez’s new program will require students to spend a year interning with a production company. AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Veritas Entertainment, Cartoon Pizza and Klausner Creative have committed to the program.

Rich Peluso, vice president of AFFIRM, said Lipscomb’s leaders have “put together something that goes beyond classroom learning, into a hands-on, entrepreneurial experience that will equip content creators to fit right into Nashville’s rich creative community, or beyond, to the visual storytelling centers of New York and Los Angeles.”

Other elements of Lipscomb’s film foray include plans to host a film festival on campus next spring that will feature the works of creative media graduate students. Officials also intend to hire a filmmaker-in-residence and recruit faculty from other disciplines to teach the graduate film students. Beyond that, the school may develop an undergraduate film program as well as master’s concentrations in directing, film production, gaming and animation.