Permit Patrol: 29 April 2013

New life at Hickory Hollow, new bar at Adelicia, new roof at Hillwood, and more...

Reworking Hickory Hollow

Work has begun at the former Hickory Hollow Mall. Hardcastle will install a new facade and rehab 3,020 square feet for a salon and day spa. The first permit comes in at $170,000; the second, at $30,000. Two interior demolition permits of $2,800 were also issued, as well as occupancy permits for two spaces in the food court.

First Tennessee at City Center

Southland will rehab 1,860 square feet of Nashville City Center for First Tennessee. The project totals $34,000.

Climb goes east

Climb Nashville's new 6,200-square-foot location on Eastland will take $383,000 to finish in a job to be handled by The Carter Group.

Tippler at the Adelicia

Trendy New York bar and restaurant Tippler is working the former Miro District space at the Adelicia. Michael Cronin has the $200,000 permit.

New lid at Hillwood

Titan Exteriors will install the new roof at Hillwood Country Club, a $200,000 job.


Commercial Contractors will rehab a portion of the first floor at 100 Oaks for Alta Hair Salon, a $558,000 job. Commercial will also prep a second space for a future tenant for $192,000.