DA will not prosecute Black Keys manager

Johnson calls Hill hearing flap 'innocent misunderstanding'

Nashville District Attorney Torry Johnson has informed State Sen. Jack Johnson (no relation) that he will not prosecute the manager of the Grammy-winning rock band The Black Keys or "believe there is any reason for a further investigation" over allegations that the manager tried to unduly influence legislation regarding the resale of tickets to music shows, sporting events and similar gatherings.

During a hearing at the state legislature last month on what has been called the "Ticketmaster bill," Black Keys manager Fielding Logan was accused of offering Nashville attorney John Ray Clemmons tickets to his band's show if he changed his position on the legislative dispute.

Logan vehemently denied that such an offer was made and Torry Johnson has concurred, stating that the matter appeared to be an "innocent misunderstanding or at worst a dispute between two persons on opposite sides of a legislative issue."

Sen. Johnson was sent the letter — read it in full here — due to the fact that the ticket sales bill referred to in this matter and the incident that occurred were part of hearings held by the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, which he chairs.

The District Attorney stated that Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents had taken a statement from Clemmons and that Logan provided a written statement through his attorney. After all information was gathered, the DA now has said he does not believe a crime was committed.