Permit Patrol: 15 April 2013

Hotel work, big upgrades for the state, rehab on the east side, and more...

Hotel on Hayes...

Kellogg & Kimsey will build for Clarksville-based Concord Hospitality Inc. the Residence Inn at 1801 Hayes St. The contract totals $22.4 million.

...and on West End

Kellogg & Kimsey are also building for Concord the Spring Hill Suites (seen in image) at 1800 West End Ave. That permit comes in at $12.8 million.

New roof at the Renaissance

J. Reynolds & Co. will install a new roof at the Renaissance Hotel. It comes with a $931,000 price tag.

More work at 615 Main

DWC will start Phase 2 work on the 615 Main building on the east side. The office rehab work totals $312,000.

Your tax dollars at work

Interior renovations and HVAC upgrades are coming to the Andrew Jackson State Office Building. More than a dozen permits for Hardaway total nearly $25 million.