Florida-based parking garage company eyes Nashville's mixed-use districts

Structured Parking Solutions currently attempting project in Memphis

A Florida-based structured parking garage company planning to build in the mixed-use Cooper-Young district in Memphis has begun the process of scouting similar sites in Nashville.

Greg Darden, director of business development for Structured Parking Solutions, most recently visited Nashville in late February and will return in about three weeks.

“We have studied portions of Nashville and believe there are small pockets of urbanized areas that could use structured parking,” Darden said.

Darden said Pensacola-based SPS, which consults, designs and develops, focuses primarily on garages that service office and medical buildings. However, the company, which has completed about 70 facilities, occasionally develops multi-level garages in mixed-use districts such as Cooper-Young. (Read more here and see below an image of the facility proposed for Cooper-Young.)

In Nashville, Darden said he is aware that 12South, Five Points, Germantown and Hillsboro Village lack structured garages. To date, he has not directly focused on those hotspots but is now doing some preliminary work.

“We look for business associations, homeowners associations or an individual, and if there is a need, we want to have serious discussions,” Darden said of the company’s approach to developing in a mixed-use urban node. “We don’t want to go in a force a product on people.”