Living the dream

How to put the mission statement into action

Let’s face it: In many organizations, the fancy mission statement plaque or poster on the wall is a bit of a running joke. Sure, a lot of people may have had some input along the way, but the zeal of the formulation process has long been lost amid the daily grind.

So how to communicate clearly just what working the mission statement should look like day to day? HEOPS CEO Nancy Everitt sat down in early 2011 with Senior VP Stephen Cantoria and Director of Process Automation Ford Simpkins to do just that. They boiled down their goals to seven straight-talking core beliefs that help workers turn lofty goals into daily deeds. Have a look.

• Business warrior
— I am tough and never, never, never give up! With a farmer work ethic, I drive results regardless of how tough the task. I am a business warrior and loyal to my team.

• Own it — I am fully accountable and passionate. I do not wait for someone to tell me what to do. I See It, Own It, Solve It and Do It.

Do it now — I am aligned and understand the difference between results and activity and move urgently with a sense of purpose on the right things.

• Be amazing —Excellence is a choice. I choose to be amazing in everything that I do from the smallest task to the most complex endeavor.

• Deliberate practice —I understand that practice makes perfect and, like a business warrior, I practice repetitively to achieve and maintain Personal Mastery. I continue to practice relentlessly to become an expert in my area of expertise.

• Be a hero —I know we are in growth mode and it takes all hands on deck to achieve success. I am available and fully engaged. I am a hero, I carry the load that I can for the team to achieve the right results!

• Honor and innovate —I honor the established processes and best practices. I am smart and do not simply accept things at face value. I innovate and propose new ideas and approaches. I am respectful and do not create unnecessary risk.