Permit Patrol: 18 March 2013

Parking deck at Burton Hills, retail at Seven Springs, rehab at HCA HQ, and more...

Build at Burton Hills

Brasfield & Gorrie will build a $4.279 million parking deck at Burton Hills. It's described as "single story" but with upper- and lower-level parking.

Assisted living in Bellevue

Brindley has a $1.43 million contract to build a 20-unit addition to Barton House Assisted Living, located on Highway 70 South. The project adds more than 12,000 square feet.

If there's one thing that strip needed, it was a head shop

Though misspelled in the permits report, Vulcan Vape — a Birmingham-based retailer of vaporizers and atomizers and other such "tobacco" products and "glass novelties" — is taking Suite 123 at Park Place Shopping Center. It's an $8,000 self-permit, man.

More MDHA work

R.G. Anderson has the $1.833 million permit for the latest phase of rehab work to Edgefield Cottages, which began nearly two years ago.

Retail at Seven Springs

Solomon Builders has pulled the shell permit for the West Retail Building A at the Seven Springs development. The $753,000 permit does not include finish-out work for tenants.

They're all moving?

Harvest will conduct $3.05 million in upgrades to the third floor of HCA Building 2 on Park Plaza.

Top off that jerky for ya?

D.C. Taylor will reroof the Gemini Foods/Oberto Brands plant — that's the old O'Charley's commissary — on Armory Drive for $585,000.

New stairs at the station

Beech Construction will do more than $81,000 in rehab work on the exterior stairways at Union Station.