Permit Patrol: 8 February 2013

More work at Batman Building, Knestrick lands Regions' One Nashville Place job, and more...

Beaux Bridges
R.C. Mathews has the $1 million contract to rehab 925 Edgehill while adding 1,888 square feet for Bridges' new headquarters.

Regions at One Nashville
Knestrick will rehab four entire floors, parts of two others and the basement for Regions at One Nashville Place. In total, the job carries a $2.5 million price tag.

FedEx fixer
Panattoni has the $243,000 contract to construct a 1,735-square-foot addition and an elevator at FedEx's facility on Knight Drive.

More US Bank at AT&T
Another week, another permit for US Bank at the Batman Building. This time it's $250,000 for the ninth floor. DWC has the deal.

You see, it's a play on words
is expanding its Thistle Farms operation to include a cafe at 5124 Charlotte. Orion has the $130,000 contract to build Thistle Stop Cafe.

And so is this
Jay Howser Contruction has the $125,000 contract to rehab space at 1907 Division St. for Slider House, a restaurant specializing in tiny burgers and, presumably, John Irving novels.