Permit Patrol: 15 February 2013

Belmont's big building, new life at Vito's old place, and more...

New build at Belmont

R.C. Mathews has pulled the $52 million permit to build the Wedgewood Academic Center on Belmont's campus. The 160,000-square-foot building, already underway, will include a parking garage, house the BU School of Religion and numerous BU College of Arts and Sciences departments.

Dialysis in Hermitage

A portion of the shopping center located at 5550 Old Hickory Blvd. will be rehabbed for Cumberland Dialysis. The 6,681-square-foot renovation by Modern comes in at $649,000.

HVAC for Aegis

Part of Aegis' on-going upgrades and expansions at MetroCenter: a $444,565 upgrade to the HVAC system. Southland has the contract.

New restaurant on Hayes

A small permit — an unpriced, self-permit — for 1812 Hayes Street reads "to use front portion of property for outdoor seating use for Riviera Provencal Grill." This is the former site of DaVinci's and Vito's. The restaurant was also scheduled for a beer board hearing Thursday.

Anchor down (on some rehabbed offices)

The media and marketing offices for Vanderbilt's not-really-an-athletic department (housed in the McGugin Center seen here) are getting a $162,000 rehab from Parent.

Mixed use on Eastland

The Carter Group has a $1.7 million shell permit for first-floor retail-and-restaurant sapce and two residential units at Walden, the East Nashville building located at 1900 Eastland Ave. and on the site of the former Church of Christ Home for the Aged.