Hill, GBT abandon Streets of Brentwood

Citizen opposition seemingly results in mixed-use project's nixing

H.G. Hill Realty Co. and GBT are abandoning their plans for the Streets of Brentwood town center development, Nashville Post has learned.

In a letter to the Brentwood City Commission, dated Friday Hill Realty CEO Jimmy Granbery said moving forward, given a small but vocal opposition to the project, would be difficult. In the letter, Granbery, who could not be reached for comment, uses the word "volatile" to describe the situation.

Granbery's letter indicates that numerous revisions to the master plan requested by the City of Brentwood resulted in a version of the Streets that was not consistent with the company's "fiduciary duties to our owners and investors."

"Our proposed project looked with an unflinching focus to Brentwood's bright future, and the families who will live, work, play and worship here, while also being totally respectful of its past and taking great care to not only fully and completely protect, but also enhance the quality of life for those families who already live here," he wrote.

Granbery's letter also hints at a "massive amount of misinformation" about the project, the sources of which have "underlying" motives.

Check back with the Post for more details.

And for more information about the ambitious project, which called for almost 1 million square feet of development on the former Murray Ohio and Tennessee Baptist Convention properties, read here.


Great job, people of by tank1501
Great job, people of by tank1501