Permit Patrol: 1 February 2013

SunTrust Plaza space rehabbed for Covenant Surgical Partners, Federal Reserve space updated at AT&T Building, and more ...

Surgery at SunTrust?

Tenant Building Group will rehab 24,000 square feet on the sixth floor of SunTrust Plaza for Covenant Surgical Partners. The contract totals $400,000.

The Fed's at Batman

Solomon has the $515,000 permit to rehab 10,000 square feet on the 10th floor of the AT&T Building for the Federal Reserve.

Pearl's pool

The indoor pool at Pearl-Cohn High School (pictured) is getting some rehab and various mechanical upgrades. Edwards has the $438,000 job.

That's one big vaporizer

The former Ford Glass Plant — now Carlex — is adding three 30,000-gallon above-ground propane tanks and a vaporizer. Total cost is $862,328. Tomlin Construction has the contract.

Shave and a cut in the Arcade

Monte's Barber Shop has pulled a $15,000 self-permit for No. 25 in The Arcade. The plan: to rehab 1,250 square feet for hair-cutting purposes.