AmSurg, Healthways execs active in their own stock

Surgery center execs cash in, wellness company officials step up after recent drop

Senior executives at two local health care companies have in the past week made big trades in the stocks — albeit in opposite directions.

AmSurg CFO Claire Gulmi on Friday and Monday exercised two batches of options — more than 48,000 in all — for about $1.1 million and then sold the resulting shares. Her profit on those transactions totaled almost $990,000. She still owns about 107,000 AmSurg shares.

Meanwhile, CEO Chris Holden last Thursday unloaded 3,000 shares for about $130,000 under the umbrella of a stock trading plan he set up in August. He still owns about 272,000 shares of the surgery center operator he's led since the fall of 2007.

Shares of AmSurg (Ticker: AMSG) were up about 2 percent to $44.25 this afternoon. They are up almost 50 percent in 2013 and have more than doubled since the summer of 2009.

Officials at Healthways, meanwhile, spent almost $400,000 to add to their holdings in recent days. Their moves come a couple of weeks after Healthways stock (Ticker: HWAY) tanked after the wellness services company reported disappointing third-quarter profits. Here's a breakdown of who bought what:

• CEO Ben Leedle cut a check for $235,000 to boost his stake in the company by about 10 percent. He now owns about 222,000 shares.

• CFO Alfred Lumsdaine spent $47,000 to add 4,000 shares to his holdings, which now total about 27,000 shares.

• Also spending about $50,000 each are directors Alison Taunton-Rigby and Donato Tramuto. Taunton-Rigby, who has been on Healthways' board since 2005, now owns more than 22,000 shares. Last week's purchases were the first by Tramuto, who joined the board this spring.

The purchases are noteworthy not only as votes of confidence in Healthways' rebound since its tumble but also because every major trade by insiders at Nashville-area public companies in recent months has been on the sell side.