Local creatives launch sound wave art venture

Audio representations of iconic speeches on canvas seek to bring history to life

Two veterans of Nashville's creative and marketing scenes have opened the online doors to a company that brings to life episodes of America's history in a novel way.

Epic Frequency is the brainchild of social media consultant Bill Seaver and graphic designer Nathan Moore. The duo's latest venture — they have launched a few other microbusinesses over the years — grew out of seeing a visual representation of the .wav file of a 2008 podcast on which they had collaborated. After chewing on the idea for a while, they got more serious about 18 months ago about monetizing it while still running their main ventures. (Moore owns Anthology Creative; Seaver, MicroExplosion Media.)

The resulting website markets canvas prints — measuring 48 inches by 18 inches — that depict the audio files of iconic speeches such as Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" or President Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" appeal. An included QR code will let a smartphone user connect to the actual audio and link the prints' spikes and valleys to the speeches' highlights.

So far, Moore and Seaver are selling prints of eight speeches or shorter snippets — including Neil Armstrong's "One Giant Step" moment, which is pictured above — for $299 each and are exploring future additions to their catalog. As indicated with their price point, they aren't positioning Epic Frequency as a mass-market product and will limit their runs of each speech to 5,000 units. They also don't yet plan to offer smaller versions of their products. That, said Seaver, would take away from their visual attraction.

"You have to see these in person, see the details of each speech," he said. "When people see these in person, the visual impact that they make is a bit overwhelming. We didn't want to take away from their magnitude or diminish anything about the impact that they can make."