Iasis loses Arizona health plan chief

UPDATED: Iasis chief comments on retirement
CEO of company's Medicaid/Medicare insurer retires

The CEO of Iasis Healthcare’s Arizona health plan has retired.

Health Choice Arizona, Iasis’ Medicaid and Medicare health plan, has been led by CEO Carolyn Rose since 1999. Rose, who stepped down at the end of last month, has been replaced by longtime COO Mike Uchrin. Health Choice insures about 180,000 people and posted a pre-tax profit of $65 million on revenues of $757 million in Iasis' last fiscal year.

"As one of the original employees of IASIS Healthcare, Carolyn has been an integral role in our company's overall growth and success," said IASIS Healthcare President and Chief Executive Officer Carl Whitmer. "While we will certainly miss having Carolyn as part of the IASIS team, we will forever treasure the foundation she helped build at Health Choice and IASIS and wish her the very best with this well deserved retirement."

Whitmer continued, "We are proud of the new Health Choice management team being led by CEO Mike Uchrin and excited about our current growth opportunities."

Rose's departure is the second recent instance of high-level turnover for Iasis in Arizona. Last November, the CEO of its Physician Group of Arizona division, Dorothy Sawyer, left the company to take a CEO position with one of the hospitals in the competing Carondolet Health Network.