Attorney 'Bob' Whitaker dead at 55

Last Friday’s cause of death not confirmed

Robert Lee Whitaker, a Nashville attorney most recently remembered for his tenure with the Bart Durham Injury Law firm and the legal wrangling there in 2009, died suddenly last Friday, according to information provided today by the Williamson Memorial Funeral Home.

The cause of death hasn’t been officially confirmed. Whitaker would have turned 55 years on Saturday. Visitation at the Williamson Funeral Home at 3009 Columbia Ave. in Franklin is scheduled for April 24 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. with the funeral to follow. Click here for a link to Williamson Memorial and more information.

In August 2009, Whitaker and the Durham law firm rattled swords for a while, a controversy reported by the and linked here. Bart Durham had accused Whitaker, a senior attorney at his firm since 1997, in Davidson County Circuit Court of attempted extortion and/or embezzlement, all tied to disputed legal settlement proceeds the two trial attorneys could not agree how to split. In November of that year, the dispute was settled as Durham withdrew his complaint.

Bart Durham's son and fellow attorney Blair Durham said that he and his father were incredibly sad after hearing the news of Whitaker's death. 

"We wish his family all the best," Blair Durham said.