Anchor Investments completes Monroe Harding buy

Subdivision plan was mired in planning commission for months

Anchor Investments has paid $1.275 million for eight acres formerly owned by Monroe Harding Children's Home, setting in motion plans for a subdivision that has been the subject of a Green Hills neighborhood controversy.

As Duncanwood Reserve LLC, three-year-old Anchor purchased the land Monday. The venture run by Micah Lacher, Chris Kirkland and Jackson Moore plans a 15-lot cluster neighborhood there — and Monroe Harding said it plans to use the profits to improve its existing facility — but neighbors in the Brookmeade area expressed concerns about the increased traffic.

"The main concerns regarding the development were the potential connection of Duncanwood to Glendale. The original design that was presented by Anchor had a cul-de-sac, this preventing any future connection of Duncanwood and Glendale," Sean McGuire, the councilman for the area, said. "The neighbors took the position of opposing the development altogether. There was a back-and-forth for a couple of months. Ultimately the neighborhood came to the conclusion that, rather than take the chance of the Planning Commission approving a plan that had a stub road that could be connected to Glendale in the future, they should support the original cul-de-sac plan that left no possibility of future connection."

By the time the neighbors had come to the compromise, the "horse was out of the barn," according to McGuire, and the Planning Commission approved the plan with the stub road.

"If the remaining portion of the Monroe Harding property that fronts on Glendale is ever redeveloped, the developer will be required to connect the stub road to Glendale," McGuire said.