Permit Patrol: 21 December 2012

New hotel in Green Hills, new garage at Belmont, new tenants downtown, and more...

Green Hills Marriot begins

McMurry Construction pulled a $33.7 million permit for the Courtyard by Marriott (a rendering of which is seen at left) at 3804 Bedford Ave. in Green Hills. Plans for the building were announced this summer.

Belmont's big build

R.C. Mathews will complete a new parking deck at the under-construction Belmont University academic building (see below). The project totals $13.875 million.

New look at Centennial

The Women's Hospital at Centennial is getting new pre-admission, exam rooms, office space, and spruced up corridors as part of a $1 million rehab from Batten & Shaw.

Rehab for Pepsi at SunTrust

Tenant is rehabbing a suite at SunTrust Plaza for PepsiCo at a cost of $35,000. The cola maker signed a lease in the building in January 2010.

Bank at Batman

DWC will rehab 16,715 square feet for U.S. Bank's new state headquarters at what is now apparently known as 333 Commerce Street but is more familiarly known as the AT&T Building. (Bank officials also may push to have their name affixed atop the tower next to AT&T's.) The project totals $510,000.