Ross steps down as Metova’s president

Software dev leader assumes top role shortly after Arkansas company buys majority stake

Kevin Ross, president of booming Franklin-based software developer Metova, has resigned and is handing the reins to Dave McAllister, former vice president and head of the company’s software development effort.

The leadership change comes on the heels of the sale about three months ago of a majority stake in Metova — one of our Fast15 companies this year — to Arkansas–based A4 Solutions. Ross (pictured here) wouldn’t divulge the details but said at the time he did keep a “significant equity interest” for himself and assumed president responsibilities — the role he’s giving up now.

“I look forward to continuing to advise Metova and other local technology startups,” Ross said in a statement. “This is an opportunity for me to get back to my technical past — toying with technology and helping local entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable companies that make a difference.”

Others senior Metova managers team also will assume new roles. Dave Lane, former director of technology, will become vice president of technology and Carrie Gofron, former director of software development, will become Metova’s director of business development.