Board of Professional Responsibility names four finalists for key job

Quartet vies for chief disciplinary counsel position

The Tennessee Supreme Court's Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility has named four finalists for the position of chief disciplinary counsel, with the quartet to be interviewed in December, according to the Administrative Office of the Courts.

The finalists are as follows:

• Sandy Garrett, currently the BPR’s senior litigation counsel
• William J. (Paz) Haynes III, member of the Nashville law firm Bone McAllester Norton
• Melinda Krissann Hodges, currently the BPR’s disciplinary counsel
• Alan D. Johnson, Nashville attorney

The job of chief disciplinary counsel became vacant earlier this year when Nancy Jones left to become general counsel for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

There were originally 21 applicants for the job, some of whom were more familiar with the board than others as they had once been reprimanded or censured themselves during their legal careers.

The other 17 who applied for the position were:

• C. Dewees Berry IV, member of Bass Berry & Sims
• Jon Kerry Blackwood, a controversial Knoxville judge forced by the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals to recuse himself from a high-profile torture/murder case earlier this year
• Robert S. Burns, a Sewanee-based attorney
• Grayson Smith Cannon, a Goodlettsville- based attorney
• F. Chris Cawood, a Kingston-based attorney censured in 2001 for "personal relationship with a client"
• Robert T. Davis, a Chattanooga-based attorney
• Ronald B. Deal Jr., a Nashville-based attorney whose Yellow Pages ad states his business deals “in the Lawyers - Mesothelioma industry"
• Sherry Elizabeth Martin, a Nashville-based attorney
• Elizabeth L. Miller, a Nashville-based attorney and former director of health-related boards for the state and tax counsel at the Department of Revenue
• Janis O. Mize, a Nashville-based attorney and associate at Glasgow & Veazey
• Gagan Bihari Mohanty, unknown
• Erica T. Reed, a Murfreesboro-based attorney
• Connie Reguli, a Franklin-based attorney whom BPR censured in 2011 for ethical misconduct for statements made in appellate brief that were deemed "impertinent and unprofessional" about Williamson County Judge. Reguli once ran in GOP primary for state House seat.
• W. Scott Rosenberg, a Nashville-based attorney and Juvenile Court magistrate
• Doug Thurman, a Nashville-based attorney at May & Ryan
• Rachel L. Waterhouse, BPR’s deputy chief disciplinary counsel
• Russell Willis, BPR’s disciplinary counsel