Brentwood shop launches baker's dozen of funds

New Compass offerings range from short-term bonds, REITs to emerging markets

Brentwood-based Compass Advisory Group is bringing to market 13 mutual funds in a move that, even if only marginally successful, will lift the firm's assets under management well above $1 billion.

The new offerings from Compass, which does business as Compass EMP (for Efficient Market Portfolios), include three bond funds, two commodity funds, a real estate investment trust vehicle and several more traditional funds. Three of them can take short positions and many of them seek to reduce volatility by more heavily weighting steadier names. Check out the firm's prospectuses here.

Compass' three existing mutual funds, which are broader multi-asset vehicles, have a combined $376 million in assets. They trade under the tickers CAIAX, CTMAX and LTGAX and have been steadily accumulating assets since being launched in late 2008 and 2009. In all, Compass EMP manages about $860 million in about 650 accounts.

“We have been working for some time to respond to financial advisors’ demand to create mutual fund products to follow our proprietary, patent-pending indexes. We feel these eight funds, coupled with the launch of the five unique, individual alternative asset class funds, will allow today’s investors further options in their pursuit of institutional-level money management,” said Chief Investment Officer Stephen Hammers.

In addition to Hammers, the Compass EMP team includes co-founder and Chairman David Moore, President Rob Walker and vice presidents David Hallum and Mike Organ.

Here is the full list of new funds: