Permit Patrol: 26 October 2012

Parkview scores some parking, an L&C floor to be rehabbed, Omni Nashville Hotel sees signs, and more …

Parking for Parkview

Parkview Towers — the venerable mid-rise office building located at 210 25th Ave. and overlooking Centennial Park (and seen on our home page courtesy of Google Maps) — will see a portion of its ground-floor tenant space converted to a small parking garage. Carden Co. Inc. will handle the undertaking for $200,000.

Marathon Music Works musings

Marathon Music Works will have some of its space renovated. Modern Construction Corp. landed the work for $90,100.

Keeping L&C in shape 

Some 12th-floor office space at the iconic L&C Tower will be renovated. Tenant Building Group LLC is doing the job via a contract valued at $134,000.

Signs for Omni

Downtown’s under-construction Omni Nashville Hotel will soon be affixed with seven signs. Joslin Sign & Maintenance Co. Inc. will undertake the work for $32,000.

Roof job on tap

The five buildings comprising the Crestview Apartments complex located at 1020 Thompson Place are slated to be reroofed. Summit Property Restoration of Nashville will do the job for $87,079.

And speaking of new roofs …

A portion of the roof of the building that houses the Tennessee Teachers Credit Union will be replaced. Mike Ragan Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. has the $116,500 contract.

Dental work

The office suite home to Dr. Martin Nunn Family Dentistry is in line for a rehabbing. Ikon Construction Inc. has the $125,000 job ticket.

Processing food in a proper plant

A former O’Charley’s warehouse that is now home to a Gemini food processing plant located at 2960 Armory Drive is slated for an update. Stalman Group Inc. has the $3.25 million contract for the work.