Judge grants restraining order against hormone clinic chain

State wants HRC Medical shut down

Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Joe Binkley on Wednesday ordered the principals of the HRC Medical regional hormone therapy clinics to stop marketing their treatments, which the state Attorney General's Office says are endangering the health of patients.

The staff of Attorney General Bob Cooper on Monday filed suit against HRC and is seeking to shut down the company, which has clinics in almost 20 markets from Florida to Michigan. The state is accusing HRC of, among other things, using dubious marketing practices to bring in patients and then not disclosing the potential side effects of the so-called bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

"There is good cause to believe that the Defendants possess no right to lawfully make the representations or engage in the commercial activities prohibited below," Binkley wrote in his temporary restraining order.

Those activities include most of the representations HRC officials have made about their hormone replacement therapies, including that they can extend patients' lifespans or prevent and/or cure diseases.