Chamber membership push yields nice numbers

Companies joining this year up almost 20%

A feel-good marketing campaign and a more aggressive sales push paid quick dividends to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce in the first half of this year.

A total of 371 companies signed on as new members of the chamber in the fiscal year ended June 30, officials say. That's up 18 percent from the year before and boosted the chamber's total membership roster — which tops 2,000 — by about 15 percent.

In their annual report released this morning, chamber officials said the membership boost was helped by the launch in February of the multiplatform "Business is Good" advertising campaign. The initial push was followed up in April with "a focus shift to the faces of the members and a stronger call to action." That appears to have paid off so far.

The chamber's annual report also highlighted the region's ECD successes of the past year, when companies in the area relocated or added 14,185 jobs, invested $2.2 billion and built almost 7 million square feet of new space.