Hill, Southeast Venture will expand 12South project

Rumours property now under contract

The new joint venture between H.G. Hill Realty and Southeast Venture bringing a new mixed-use project to 12South has placed two more properties under contract.

Southeast principal Wood Caldwell confirmed to NashvillePost.com Wednesday that the JV, Hill Southeast, has agreed to terms for the purchase of two tracts — currently the location of Rumours Wine Bar and Blackbird Tattoo — from Pioneer Properties, the real estate investment company of Predators owner David Freeman.

"We're going to expand that project, so yes there's going to be more retail, more use," Caldwell said.

Caldwell said it is premature to disclose what, exactly, would go on the soon-to-be-acquired properties, as the transactions came about fairly quickly.

"It was not even a week ago [the contract was finalized]. ... David Freeman came with an interest in selling it between Christmas and New Year's," he said.

Caldwell said the renderings for the properties should be out realitively quickly, however.

"I would anticipate a week or two weeks with something we can come out with that we can show people what we're doing. We're scheduling some meetings with the neighborhood," he said.

The sale of the JV's main tract — formerly the Middle Tennessee Roofing building — for the original project was registered Dec. 21. Hill Southeast paid $1.2 million for the land.