Plaster out of The Zone

Longtime sports talker won't work for Cumulus [Updated]

Updated at 2:25 p.m. with quotes from Plaster

Longtime Nashville sports talker George Plaster is no longer a member of the 104.5 The Zone team.

WGFX's website no longer lists Plaster as the host of the afternoon drive-time show on the station. Plaster has a long and litigious history with new station owners Cumulus — to the point that his contract with the station included an out-clause should Cumulus ever buy it, as it did as part of a merger with Citadel. Plaster's on-air partner Willy Daunic will host the afternoon show with Chad Withrow.

"I have exercised the option on my contract and terminated the final two years," Plaster said. "Based on what went on (with Cumulus) eight years ago, I need to be able to know whether I had a comfort level or not. We weren't able to make a deal work."

Plaster said he is going to take a "few weeks" to explore some options, be they in radio or marketing and promotion.

"This was the hardest decision I've ever made in radio. Some people have the ability to not let emotions factor in their decisions. I do not have that ability," he said. "Inside that building are the greatest people I've ever worked with. Citadel has been a hero in this whole thing and done everything I've asked in the last eight years."

Plaster specifically praised the work of Daunic and Withrow, along with former co-host Darren McFarland, who now hosts the morning show on new sports-talk competitor 102.5 WPRT The Game.

"These guys made all this fun for me. Never had a day felt like work. It was the toy department of life. It was the greatest eight years," Plaster said.

Ken Whitehouse contributed to this report.