'Dynamic' addition to Bridgestone Arena planned

Predators will add Fan Zone to upper bowl

During the Predators' Skate of the Union event Wednesday, chief operating officer Sean Henry hinted at a "dynamic change" to the upper bowl of the arena. Now, it's clear what that change will be.

In his report to the Metro Sports Authority, Henry included renderings of a planned "Fan Zone" to be located between sections 316 and 319. In a letter attached to the report, Henry describes the "minor renovation" as "the can opener," since the project requires peeling off the corrugated metal which currently lines the upper deck.

The enhancement will add about 100 seats to the arena's manifest, and possibly more if it can be used as a standing-room only section.

Henry describes the Fan Zone as a way to bridge the energy from inside the bowl into the concourse, as well as a way to give upper-bowl patrons "the most unique entertainment area in our building."

"This open space will feature a drink rail made out of our old dasher boards and will upgrade our current ADA seating in this area," he writes. "This will become the most visited area in the building for our biggest events."

In addition, by removing the corrugated metal and replacing it with acoustic curtaining, the acoustics of the arena will be improved.

The Fan Zone is the cornerstone to a summer improvements program at the arena in an effort to "bring to life some drab areas of the venue" which includes "murals of our iconic performers." The cost of the improvement will be paid by the team.

The upgrade must be approved by the Sports Authority, in addition to receiving the standard building permit approvals. A permit has been applied for "upper concourse renovation" with a value of $89,788. Tandem Construction has the contract.

The Sports Authority is scheduled to meet July 21.

For a larger view of the artist's rendering click here.