LifeWay Christian expanding digital footprint

SBC agency acquires Austin-based software company

LifeWay Christian Resources is expanding its digital footprint and adding to online offerings to the Christian marketplace.

Today, the Southern Baptist Convention agency acquired, for an undisclosed sum, WORDSearch Corp. and QuickVerse, two Bible software brands created to provide biblical study, sermon preparation aid and spiritual growth material to the large consumer base largely associated with the SBC.

LifeWay's deal comes shortly after Austin, Texas-based WORDSearch bought Omaha, Neb.-based QuickVerse, according to David Seibert, LifeWay's director of business development. Seibert did not comment on the particulars of that transaction, but according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing filed July 1, WORDSearch paid nearly $1 million in cash and assumed up to $140,000 in debt for the QuickVerse brand from Inc., a pre-packaged software company also based in Omaha.

WORDsearch has been producing software and electronic books for the Christian market since 1987. The company offers more than 4,200 volumes of electronic books for Christian pastors, teachers and laypeople through its WORDsearch, Bible Explorer, LESSONmaker, WORDsearchToGo and InstaVerse software products.

The WORDsearch and QuickVerse software simplifies biblical research, allowing a user to view multiple reference materials including Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries and encyclopedias side-by-side on the user's computer screen. Other QuickVerse software products include SermonBuilder, which provides quick access to thousands of Bible-related stories, quotes and anecdotes and various biblical language tools, sermons and stories.

By acquiring the assets of these two companies and through other digital offerings such as the launch of the new,, and more than 25 mobile applications, LifeWay adds to its digital publishing industry presence.

"There is unprecedented growth in practically every area of digital media, and we continue to seek opportunities to leverage these technologies in spiritually-transforming ways," said Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay, in a release. "By bringing the strengths of WORDsearch and QuickVerse into the LifeWay portfolio of Christ-centered resources, we offer customers a more robust collection of exciting Kingdom tools."