Another Wamp on the horizon

Son of Zach said to be eyeing dad’s former Congress seat

Weston Wamp, son of former Republican congressman and gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp, is exploring a run for his father’s former seat in the U.S. Congress, according to multiple sources.

The seat, Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District, is currently held by freshman Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann. Zach Wamp represented the district from 1995 until early this year.

According to several sources, the ex-congressman has been calling his former campaign donors asking for financial support should a bid materialize and has taken Weston Wamp to Washington, D.C., in the hopes of signing on a big-name political consultant. So far, though, none of the consultants approached have expressed interest in getting involved in what could cause a messy intra-party squabble.

After leaving the U.S. Congress, Wamp has opened up a general consulting firm that "specializes in energy, defense/security, transportation and workforce development/technology transfer," according to his website.

Weston Wamp, meanwhile, runs a firm out of Chattanooga he calls Wamp Strategy. That venture was founded late last year and focuses on public relations and marketing through the use of social media. The company website claims, "Weston got started young — handing out business cards and political advice at around age five. He hasn’t slowed down much and now (with 19 years of strategic experience under his belt) Weston is making a mark on his hometown."

Prior to starting the company, Weston worked on his father’s gubernatorial campaign as an employee of the public relations firm Akins/Crisp. That firm and its ties to Wamp's political career were the subject of much debate during the campaign.

Opening a PR shop that focuses on social media may not have been Weston Wamp's first career choice. has confirmed that since Zach Wamp left U.S. Congress, he approached multiple members of Tennessee's congressional delegation seeking employment for his son and was rebuffed by those members.