New beer brewer coming to town

St. Louis-based Schlafly partners with local brewery to expand Tennessee reach

Beer fans in Nashville can happily raise a mug to the newest brewer in town. St. Louis Brewery, which produces Schlafly Beer, is partnering with well-known local brewery Blackstone to begin producing Schlafly Pale Ale here in town.

The company, which has apparently hit capacity in St. Louis, is looking to expand but needed Blackstone’s help to do it. Blackstone, whose head brewer Dave Miller used to work at Schlafly before moving to Nashville, has just opened a new brewery and has the extra space Schlafly needs. Blackstone's new facility off Charlotte Avenue encompasses 12,560 square feet.

Currently, the company is looking to fill a quality assurance/sales position based in Nashville.

Schlafly has posted a long item on its blog, which details the move. In it, the company says it expects to start brewing Schlafly in Nashville this year, but that the exact timing has not yet been decided.

"Last fall, Dave was in town for a visit and we talked about the new brewery and the challenges they faced and soon after, we got together in both Nashville and St. Louis and realized that we could form an alliance that would benefit both of us," the blog post says. "They have a beautiful [...] brewhouse just as we do, fermentation vessels of the same design, and much of the same bottling equipment. They’ve really done a great job to get the Brewery built and now we’re helping them to complete the lab and a few other areas, including assisting with staff training."