Hill Realty completes 84-year puzzle

Car wash buy locks up Charlotte block

H.G. Hill Realty spent $950,000 for a car wash at 40th and Charlotte avenues late last month, the last piece in a land puzzle which began more than eight decades ago.

The property was the last holdout on the west Nashville block between 40th, the railroad tracks, Charlotte and Park Avenue. Hill Realty bought its first tract on the block in 1926 and steadily and methodically acquired the remaining property in various stages since the late 1970s. Another flurry of activity followed in the past decade, culminating in the May 11 purchase at 4011 Charlotte.

It's clear Hill was eager to pay top dollar for what remains a Champion Car Wash location. It was appraised in 2009 for $331,600. The company has been marketing several of the smaller plots for sale and attempts to reach CEO Jimmy Granbery for comment on the chances of a Hill-led redevelopment of the combined parcels were unsuccessful.