Federal agent: Gibson wood investigation likely to result in indictments

Fish and Wildlife Service agent's affidavit indicates charges forthcoming

Indictments are likely in the now-year-long investigation of potentially illegal wood seized from Gibson Guitar's Massman Drive facility late last year.

An affidavit filed as accompaniment to a government motion to allow late service nunc pro tunc, responding to a Gibson motion to dismiss the government's claim to seized "ebony wood in various forms," U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agent Kevin Seiler testifies his agency needs to maintain possession of the seized wood because "[i]ndictments are anticipated and Defendant Property is expected to be used in prosecution of that matter."

Last November, federal agents seized unfinished wood, guitars, computers and files from Gibson as part of what sources told NashvillePost.com was an investigation into possible violations of the Lacey Act, a key piece of environmental law, for importing endangered species of rosewood from Madagascar.