Sources: Gibson adds to layoff tally

After announcing 50 layoffs on Friday, company begins the week by axing roughly 70 more jobs -- Gibson comments

Sources have informed that musical instrument manufacturer Gibson USA has laid off approximately 70 more workers today.

News of this latest round comes only two days after Friday’s announcement that the company would lay off 50 workers worldwide. At the time of that announcement, the company pointed out that the move involved less than 5 percent of the company’s total work force.

While a number of Nashville workers have been affected by this latest round, there are no details yet as to how many.

In regards to the layoffs Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has offered the following statement:

No further changes at the corporate level are contemplated. We are reviewing every operating division at this time.  We expect we will need to make changes at several of the divisions to bring the in line with expected sales.  We are trying hard to minimize the number of employees impacted.