Michael G. Tangredi indicted

Son of restaurateur and CFO of M. Tangredi Restaurants charged with two felony counts. Also: Family sues operators of 'libelous' blog

And the hits just keep on coming.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has filed charges of sales tax evasion and forgery against Michael G. Tangredi, son of troubled restaurateur Michael D. Tangredi.

The organization’s special investigations unit conducted an investigation into Tangredi, who serves as the chief financial officer of M. Tangredi Restaurants. Investigators allege that Tangredi attempted to present to TDR a forged check claiming he had already paid sales tax due when, according to the department, he had not.

The Davidson County District Attorney’s office has indicted Tangredi on a Class D felony count of “Presenting a Forged Writing of Value over $1,000 with the intent to defraud” and one Class E felony count of sales tax evasion.

Between the two charges, Tangredi could face a maximum of six years in prison and fines of up to $8,000.

This news comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed Friday by Tangredi and his family against the operators of a blog which claimed to detail various wrong doing at the family's restaurants.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit over “Tangredi’s Italian Kitchen Nightmares” are the anonymous operator, who posted under the name Guy Fawkes, as well as former employees who posted to the site, including nine other John Doe defendants.

The family claims that the blog, which operated from last September until December, contained dozens of libelous statements concerning the family and its businesses.

Additionally, the family says it had to involve the police after items posted on the site referred to the 13-year old daughter.

The site was eventually taken down with a note saying “Tangredi’s Italian Kitchen Nightmares was hacked and deleted.”

The self-filed complaint asks for damages of $2.3 million.